Video: 2010 Corvette Hall of Fame Inductee Jim Ingle

By Auto News Log • September 30th, 2010

Known affectionately as “Jingles” in the Corvette world, Jim started learning how to diagnose and repair cars at an early age. His parents didn’t have a lot of money and had to keep their cars running which honed his mechanical skills. On the dairy farm where he was raised, dirt roads were common, leading to the development of advanced driving skills as snow, ice and rain became challenges for him to navigate. It’s no wonder that later the lessons learned there would come to good use as he would one day use them to put Corvette to the test.

After graduating from college with a degree in mechanical engineering, Jim Ingle had planned from the beginning on a career in the automotive industry. When a position opened at the Milford Proving Grounds, right out of college, he took it. Over the years he has put countless Corvettes through the most intense testing, pushing even the smallest components for strength, durability, and safety. He developed the transducer technology used to measure impact stress, and influenced design decisions that would help make the Corvette the performance icon it is today.


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