Video: 2010 Corvette Hall of Fame Inductee Fred Gallasch

By Auto News Log • September 30th, 2010

Some things in life are just meant to be and this seems to be the case for Fred Gallasch and his connection to the Corvette. Since a friend took him for a ride in his 1970 convertible, Fred knew that Corvette would always be a part of his life. He grew up wanting one, and even though it wasn’t planned, his Bachelor’s degree in math and chemistry and his Ph.D. in economics would eventually lead to a position at General Motors where he worked on various aspects of the Corvette program. All the time that he was looking at trends, statistics and mathematical projections for Corvette’s future, he was also looking for Corvettes to buy, picking up a total of six of them along the way.

As an enthusiast, he not only looked at the data, but he also looked at the people who were behind the numbers.

In time, he became a liaison where he forged a connection between designers and drivers, involving everyone in the process. Although retired, Fred is still an ambassador for Corvette, travelling to Corvette shows, wearing his Corvette shirt and talking Corvette to others who are passionate about America’s sports car.


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