True Power Should be Shared: Aston Martin Rapide

By Auto News Log • January 13th, 2011

• Series of innovative films to showcase the marque’s elegant four door sports car; Rapide into 2011
• Positions Aston Martin on a global level with first digitally-focused campaign
• Film to be launched at in January, 2011

Gaydon – Aston Martin is to launch of a series of innovative new films designed to showcase the marque’s four-door Rapide. The newly released films see the Warwickshire-based sports car manufacturer take a bold step into a digitally advanced platform for Rapide in 2011.

Aston Martin’s first foray into the digital campaign medium, extends from utilising an all ready established social media presence on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, to reach the company’s fan and customer base which now spans some 39 countries.

Shot in Lisbon, Portugal, the films follow a group of agents as they attempt to deliver a precious object, time, to a mystery figure. The ethos of the film is said to be based on one of life’s quandaries: the more success you had, the less time you had to share it with the people who mattered.

Film Director, Donnie Masters from Serious Pictures said; “We wanted to deliver a subtle but clever piece of branded entertainment. Something that mirrors the thrill of the drive. Intelligent, dramatic yet very exciting. It’s an action-packed Aston Martin story in three parts, designed to entertain our audience. We’re not hard selling, we’re showcasing. After all it is the thinking man’s (and woman’s) performance car.”

This exciting online campaign features a number of Aston Martin’s carefully chosen preferred partners, who all share the marque’s dedication to luxury, quality and exclusivity.

As the marque’s first production four-door sports car, Rapide encapsulates core values of Power, Beauty and Soul; four ‘swan wing’ doors provide access to cosseting sports seats both front and rear bestowing occupants with ample accommodation. A 317 litre luggage compartment affords generous space for belongings for all four passengers, creating an Aston Martin which can be enjoyed on any occasion, anytime, anywhere.

The first instalment of ‘True Power’ officially launches on the 12th January,

As well as the latest information from @astonmartin, fans can follow the agents on their journey and find out what they are all really thinking at their own individual Twitter pages;


Source: Aston Martin


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