1968 Dodge Charger 383 Coupe

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Engine: V8
Transmission: 3 Speed Auto
Exhaust: Dual
Mileage: 48,466
Stock Number: 3243
Market Price: Call 317-495-2763

Exterior Color: Green
Interior Color: Green
Body Style: Coupe
Doors: 2
Fuel: Gasoline
Condition: Good

Video – Engine and Walk-around:

Video – Underbody View:

Vehicle Details:

In 1968 the Charger was redesigned. The car featured new, subtler styling without the fastback roofline and wall to wall taillights.

With what was to become known as the Coca-Cola body style, the car was drop-dead gorgeous. Over 96,000 Chargers were sold. Hidden headlamps remained in the grille with textured, horizontal chrome bars. Imitation scoops were stamped into the doors. The rear of the car featured four circular target-like taillights set within a cove.

A small integral spoiler was crafted into the rear sheet metal, and racing-car-type fuel filler adorned the left rear-quarter. The R/T model designation was now added to the Charger line for the performance version. The car wore a Bumblebee Stripe around its tail, and imitation hoodscoops that accommodated turn-signal indicators were part of the hood.

The Charger was offered in two versions: Standard and R/T. An array of engines were available for the 1968 Dodge Charger. The base engine for the Charger was the 318, but two versions of the 383 were optional; a two-barrel rated at 290HP and a four-barrel rated at 330HP. The R/T featured the 440(375HP) standard with an optional 425HP 426 HEMI.

– V8 383 Four-barrel rated at 330HP
– 96,000 Dodge Chargers Sold
– 19,012 Dodge Chargers were optioned with the 383 cubic inch engine
– Offered as Standard or R/T (Road & Track)
– Hidden Headlights
– Engines offered: 225-318-383-440-426
– 2nd Generation of Chargers
– $3,100 for Hardtop Coupe
– $3,575 for R/T Hardtop Coupe
– This new look of the 1968 charger was also known as the “Coke Bottle” look
– An option was the rear BumbleBee Stripes
– Brakes (dual braking system) (self-adjusting brakes) (parking brakes)
– Head restraints
– Safety action inside door handles
– Lap belts
– Lights (side marker) (headlight beam selector)
– Turn signals
– Hazard warning system
– Brake system warning light
– Variable intensity instrument panel lighting
– Inside door locks
– Mirrors (day/nite inside mirror) (remote control outside mirror)
– Shoulder belts
– Tires
– Power window safety switch
– Windshield washers/wipers
– Reduced glare on windshield wiper arms and blades
– Back-up lights
– Mirror mount
– Padded instrument panels and visors
– Double hood latch
– Safety rim wheels
– Interlocking safety door latches
– Energy absorbing steering column

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