Tesla Roadster Reaches China’s Great Wall

By Auto News Log • June 14th, 2010

Next stop for world’s only electric sports car: QuFu, the hometown of philosopher Confucius.

BEIJING – A Tesla Roadster traveling around the world has arrived at the Great Wall of China, the most iconic cultural landmark of the eight-month road trip.

During the Roadster’s stop last week at one section of the 8,852-kilometer Great Wall, one of China’s most respected actors took a spin. Chen Dao Ming is best known for his role in “Hero,” and he stars in “Aftershock,” which debuts this summer.

Beijing was the eighth stop in the “Odyssey of Pioneers ,” the first round-the-world tour by a zero-emission car. The 37,000-kilometer voyage by Tesla Motors and Swiss watchmaker TAG Heuer includes public and VIP events in 15 cities on three continents.

In May, the Roadster appeared for the first time in India and was hosted in Jaipur by His Royal Highness Sawai Bhawani Singh Bahadur, the last maharaja of Jaipur — Rajasthan’s most significant political, cultural and religious figure. Before that, the Roadster became the first non-Russian car to get official clearance to park in Moscow’s Red Square .

Throughout India, Russia, China and other countries en route, the Roadster charges from conventional outlets using existing infrastructure. The TAG Heuer Tesla Roadster has charged from standard outlets at hotels, a solar panel array in Italy and even at a barn in rural Switzerland , demonstrating the versatility and ease of charging. Fans can follow the Odyssey online and on Facebook.

Source: Tesla Motors


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