Rotary Engine Problems Delaying The New Mazda RX-7

By Auto News Log • January 8th, 2010

Mazda is directly linked with the rotary engine. Within the current lineup the only model to sport the rotary platform is the RX-8. It is the tradition to have at least one model, preferably a performance one, with such a unit under the hood.

That is the essence of the revival of the RX-7, which will replace the RX-8, to develop an all new rotary engine. Reports indicate that Mazda engineers are having some issues working out the lack of mid-range power, as well as getting the engine to rev as high as they intend.

All of these issues can possibly be worked out with the use of some extra components, but that will go against the new Mazda goals to make all cars lighter by 220 lbs. With that said it seems that the release date for the new RX-7 is still unknown.

We’ll all be looking forward to any updates from Mazda.


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