Car Care & Tips – Proper Waxing Tips

By Auto News Log • December 7th, 2009

Proper Waxing Tips

Once you’ve selected a wax, here are some tips to make waxing easier:

1. Always work in a shaded area. Elevated paint temperatures cause waxes to dry too quickly. this may cause hazing or streaking.

2. Apply waxes using as thin a coating as possible.

3. Remove wax and buff using clean, dry terry towels.

Tightly woven material (like diapers) can trap particles between itself and the paint and cause fine scratches. New microfiber towels work unbelievably well as a final wipe towel.

4. If you have difficulty buffing the wax to a uniform shine, switch to a clean wipe towel.

5. Hazing, streaking, and uneven gloss can result from using too much wax or waxing a surface that’s too hot. If the gloss is uneven, mist the waxed surface with distilled water and re-wipe with a fresh towel.

Show-Car Trick

Detailers that prepare show cars will often layer a carnauba wax on top of a synthetic wax. The synthetic wax acts as a gloss layer while the carnauba wax adds depth and liquidity.


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