Passport 9500ix detector – My new best friend

By Auto News Log • September 8th, 2009

passport_9500ixI’ve been researching detectors for some time and finally made the big purchase.  I decided to go with the Escort Passport 9500ix.   Talk about a totally awesome device… I am beyond amazed and happy with the purchase.

The price tag was a bit hefty at $500, but if I can avoid a few speeding tickets by watching the watchers it more than pays for itself.  The 9500ix has all the latest bells and whistles to make any techie or gadget guy drool. 

The coolest feature is its GPS capability and the “AutoLearn” functionality.   The features work together to help eliminate those annoying false alarms.  It takes 3 false alarms for the unit to eliminate it by storing its GPS location.  How cool, eh?

Another awesome feature is its safety camera, red light and speed camera database.  Escort does a really great job of putting out weekly updates.  In order to update the device you log into your web based account download the update and then upload to the unit.  The process is super easy and most importantly… it works! 

Bottom line, it is one of the most accurate and powerful detectors I’ve ever owned.  I know that detectors are not full-proof, but I really like the added intelligence and comfort that I’m not going it blind, if you will.  This baby rocks! 

So, needless to say my new best friend is the Passport 9500ix.


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