Jordan, Get Ready for An Epic Red Bull Car Park Drift Competition!

By Auto News Log • October 18th, 2012

A slew of talented drivers from across the Middle East are heading to Jordan to compete in the Red Bull Car Park Drift Regional Finals

The region’s most highly-anticipated, intense and exhilarating drifting competition is coming to Jordan on October 19th, for the 2012 Finals. Held under the patronage of Engineer Amil Al Bashir, Deputy of Prince Faisal Bin Al Hussein of Jordanian Motorsports, the event – which brings together the champions of the Red Bull Car Park Drift Regional Qualifiers – guarantees incredible drifting styles and adrenaline-fueled performances. Sponsored by Chevrolet, this exciting competition will be taking place in the Dead Sea – on a wind course replete with myriad sharp turns, narrow tracks and unexpected twists.

Indeed, Red Bull Car Park Drift has become the ultimate breakthrough motor sport challenge in the region, providing avid drifting enthusiasts with an unprecedented opportunity to showcase high-speed and powerful gear-shifting, steering, braking and overall driving techniques.

While this year’s first qualifying round took place in Kuwait, the conclusive Finals will see drifting maestros – hailing from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Lebanon, Kuwait, Oman, Egypt, Bahrain and the UAE – battle it out for the esteemed ‘King of the Drift’ title. The competitors will come under the scrutiny of the highly-acclaimed judging panel, featuring true luminaries of the motor sport scene.

“We are thrilled to bring the Red Bull Car Park Drift Finals to Jordan”, said Alberto Chahoud, Regional Communications Manager for Red Bull. “The best drifters in the region will showcase unprecedented levels of drifting that will quench spectators’ thirst for motorsports action.” Chahoud thanked the local authorities for their contribution and the various sponsors, mainly Chevrolet, the regional sponsor of the competition.

The crowned winner will, of course, have to fully meet the multifaceted judging criteria: while 70% of the verdict will stem from the actual art of drift, 10% will be based on the engine’s roar and tires’ smoke, another 10% on the crowd’s reaction, and lastly, the appearance of the car. Contestants will have to truly push their engines to the limit and exhibit their utmost ability to maneuver their vehicles on a curved track – thus showing great bouts of courage and a tremendous level of expertise.

Visitors attending the event will also have access to some exciting side acts.

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