Gemballa’s Ferrari Enzo-based Mig-U1 Announced

By Auto News Log • January 13th, 2010

The crew at Gemballa has created an all new performance and appearance package for the Ferrari Enzo called the Mig-U1.

This performance and appearance package takes the Enzo in the direction of the FXX track car. Gemballa adds a roof scoop, jet-thruster surrounds for the exhaust, black alloy wheels, widebody kit with a revamped nose, a ducted hood, more vents and gills in the fenders and a huge rear wing. All of these enhancements on the outside have a noteworthy purpose, as the Mig-U1 now has an additional 77 pounds of down-force in the front and 187 pounds at the back.

The interior features black leather and red Alcantara, complete with rosso piping and stitching, as well as a reworked center console which houses a seven-inch touchscreen, connecting you to the navigation, DVD changer and the 950-watt sound amplifier.

The Mig-U1 now outputs around 700 HP verses the standard 651 HP.

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