FOTA Survey – Ferrari Number 1

By Auto News Log • March 23rd, 2010

Maranello – The Scuderia Ferrari is the most popular Formula 1 team in the world. As if a look at the grandstands at the GPs wasn’t enough – the flags with the Prancing Horse are outnumbering the others everywhere – now it’s officially confirmed by a FOTA survey in collaboration with LG Electronics and F1 Racing magazine. A preview of the survey’s results has been published on, in the Gazzetta dello Sport and in Marca.

84,456 people in 174 countries were surveyed and 30.1% named the Scuderia from Maranello as their preferred team. This is more than the second (McLaren, 19.1%) and the third popular teams (Mercedes, 10.1%) together. The same is true for the popularity of the drivers: here the most popular driver is Michael Schumacher (19,5%), who gained most of his success while driving for the Scuderia. Behind him there are the drivers, who are actually racing for Ferrari or who did so until last year: Fernando Alonso is second (9,7%), followed by Kimi Raikkonen (7,2%) and Felipe Massa (6,1%). There are more interesting facts to find in the survey, which might be helpful for Formula 1’s future. The new points system awarding more points to the winner is popular with the fans: 45% think this is a good idea, only 14% don’t like the new system.

Meanwhile the fans want the classic races on the calendar (51% of those surveyed), especially Monaco, Monza and Silverstone, which are the most popular races. But the fans would also like some more spectacle on TV (65% want the races in HD) and want to watch the races live on the Internet (53%).

And then there is a result that should make those responsible think: 38% said that the KERS had a positive impact on the races in Formula 1 last year and 43% would like to see it again (with 26% against). That the kinetic energy recovery system wasn’t compulsory in 2009 is negative for 22% while 41% say that it showed how the sport can set positive signs in terms of energy savings and is able to introduce innovation. That’s why 66,8% say that Formula 1 has to stay the pinnacle of motorsport technology.

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