Ferrari preparing lightweight Enzo replacement for 2012

By Auto News Log • November 30th, 2009

Ferrari has plenty of models currently available, from the new 458 Italia and California, to the older but still popular 599 GTB Fiorano or 612 Scaglietti. But much to the disappointment of the very wealthy, Ferrari hasn’t really released a truly exclusive since the Enzo.

Good news though, as all of you very rich people should get your wallets ready in 2012, when the company is reportedly planning a new “hypercar” which will make the Enzo history. Set to be influenced by the FXX development program and to feature Formula 1 technology, this new car will be a lightweight rocket even though it won’t have the biggest engine possible.

The new model will sport a V8 unit, but before all you Ferrarri fans cry “Blasphemy!”, bear in mind that the lightweight carbon fiber body and chassis, coupled with the new turbo system which will prevent almost any lag, according to the Italian company, will make the car match the Enzo’s 650 HP. All of this performance will be paired with lowered CO2 emissions, which won’t refrain it from reaching 100 km/h or 62 mph in around 3 seconds and up to a speculated 230 mph.

These are still rumors, but considering the new directions Ferrari is going, towards smaller, efficient, but still powerful engines, the new Enzo replacement might come true, around 2012.

Source: AutoExpress


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