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By Auto News Log • August 17th, 2011

Maranello – Ferrari has received a huge number of emails marking the anniversary of the death of Enzo Ferrari and thanks all again for the affection and passion shown for Ferrari’s Founder and the company that he created. Today Ferrari publish the most significant of those mails.

Ferrari decided to leave them unabridged, without therefore translating them into English or Italian, the two main languages in use on Ferrari’s Formula 1 site, nor have they been modified for editorial reasons and all that has been added at the start of each text is the name of its author.

1) Professor Mark Jenkins

In the Shadow of Great Leaders: Enzo lives on

August 16, 2011

There are relatively few examples today of where a single leader imprints their personality on an organisation. A couple from contemporary businesses would be Steve Jobs at Apple (now holding more cash than the USA) and Richard Branson at Virgin. The question will be how long after these individuals have gone will their shadow remain in these organisations? I am reminded of a documentary I watched on the making of the Disney animated film Hercules. The Artistic Director was artist Ralph Steadman (remember the animation of Pink Floyd’s The Wall? – that was Steadman). There was one scene where Steadman had drawn a satyr which showed a certain amount of buttock cleavage, ‘I don’t think Walt would like that’ said one of the Disney animators, who’s Walt I immediately thought, was he one of the producers? He was referring to Walt Disney who died over forty years ago, but clearly his spirit was alive and well throughout the organisation.

I have been very fortunate to have been able to meet and occasionally interview many of the movers and shakers in F1, but if I had to select the one person I would have loved to ask some questions to, above all others, it would have been Enzo Ferrari. Like Walt Disney, Enzo’s presence is still very much in evidence at Ferrari. The term ‘racer’ is often used to describe someone whose very being is driven by the need to race, and win races. If all of the money disappeared from F1 many people would disappear, but the racers would still be there. Enzo was the original racer, he was, at one time, a works driver for Alfa Romeo, he created one of the first motorsport companies: Scuderia Ferrari which provided cars and the support for rich individuals to go racing. His road car operation was there to help raise funding to go racing. Many car manufacturers have tried to emulate the Ferrari mystique by racing to promote their road cars. None of them come close and the reason is Enzo Ferrari, his passion and his values. I recently managed to get a copy of his autobiography ‘My Terrible Joys’, it is one of the best motorsport books I have ever read it is candid and insightful, it is, of course, his view of the world, but it is all the more engaging for that.

I am certain that Enzo’s shadow will be there for as long as there is a prancing horse on a Ferrari.

2) Catya Leroux (17 years, Belgium)

23 years ago, it was a black day for the whole Ferrari-community: our fonder Enzo Ferrari died at the age of 90. But even so many years later Il Commendatore lives on in the hearts of millions Ferrari-fans. So 14 August 2011 isn’t 23 years after he died but it is happy 113° birthday Enzo! Enzo Ferrari is a person who will never die, because you’re died when people forget you, and Enzo will never be forgotten. His memory, passion and spirit are still alive and will stay alive forever! Even fans like me, who weren’t alive when Enzo died, feel a strong connection with him and feel like they know him. I am sure that he is very proud of what his brand has become: it started with a small company in Modena and now it is one of the well known brands in the world with his millions fans all around the world who stay behind their team whatever may happen. He would be proud when when he would see the fantastic cars that Ferrari produces today with his name on. So thank you Enzo, because without your passion and determination their would never been a Scuderia Ferrari. And I think I speek in the name of all the fans when I say that I can’t imagine a life without Ferrari! Forza Enzo Ferrari forever!

3) Luis Hernandez

Only two words come to my mind when I think about Mr. Ferrari: fierce determination.

That spirit still carries on today in the team, the road cars, the race cars, and even the tifosi. I’m proud to be a tifosi. Mr. Ferrari’s spirit is surely something to draw inspiration from.

4) Cody Weston

As a member of the “younger generation” that Mr. di Montezemolo mentioned, let me say that Enzo’s memory is still very much present today. Ferrari today are doing a very good job at promoting and preserving the Commentadore’s image. Even here in America! Forza Ferrari and Forza Mr. Ferrari!

5) Aviral Kabra

Dear Enzo ,

You started a legacy the world could not neglect.
You did such a job the world could not disacknowledge.
You started a company the world regarded.
You made a statement by your passion.
You saw a dream that we live today.
You made a Ferrari that we bow in front of.
We drive to go to a destination, You drove to chase a dream.
It was you who started the Ferrari fever.
It was you who started The Legacy.
You brought it till here,
We will take it from now .

6) Riccardo

Io abito vicino a Maranello,vedevo qualche volta Ferrari la mattina mentre andava a Modena e io aspettavo l’autobus per andare a scuola,; le sue parole sull’importanza di guardare sempre al futuro mi sono state di grande aiuto.

7) Steve Matchett

The anniversary of Mr Ferrari’s death can never be a happy occasion but the date does allow for a period of reflection. I suspect, at the outset of his career, the founder of the world’s most prestigious car manufacturer and the leader of world’s most successful Formula 1 team would have had little idea exactly how significant and far reaching his company would become over the following decades. I never had the good fortune to meet him in person but (as a young mechanic in one of his dealerships in England) I did work for Ferrari during the great man’s time at the helm; was a Ferrari employee on the very day of his passing. To have worked for Mr Ferrari during his lifetime is amongst my proudest achievements, my fondest memories.

The name Ferrari is synonymous with quality, passion and total commitment. Mr Ferrari worked tirelessly towards achieving these laudable goals: the global success of his business (on road and track) is strong visual proof of his success. In my own career in Formula 1, first as a mechanic, now as a writer and broadcaster with American television, I have, in my own small way, always tried to emulate his traits: to strive to be the best man I can; to learn from the lessons of yesterday and improve for tomorrow. Although we never met, never exchanged words or shared even a simple handshake, Mr Ferrari has had a significant impact on my life, his lessons have guided me. I am forever grateful.

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