Electric Motors Hires New President

By Auto News Log • February 8th, 2010

WAKARUSA, Ind.– Electric Motors Corporation (EMCO), developer of electric pick-up trucks and drive systems, today announced that the company has named Frank Jenkins as its new President. Jenkins, a GM veteran, brings to the company over a quarter century of sales, marketing and operations experience and extensive knowledge of the light duty and medium duty truck markets.

“His demonstrated leadership and contributions in GM’s commercial marketing efforts and experience in successful product launch strategies will be an invaluable asset to EMC as we take our trucks to market.”

As EMC’s new president, Jenkins will be responsible for developing the company’s operational structure, implementing manufacturing, leading product development and launch and guiding the company’s technologic development. Jenkins joins EMC from his most recent position as GM’s Manager of Sales Promotions and Partnerships.

“The pick-up truck built America,” Jenkins says, “and the electric pick-up truck will build consumer confidence by delivering performance and significant improvements in fuel efficiency.” The Flash, EMC’s first prototype, will deliver 40-100 miles per gallon, a substantial improvement in full size pick-up fuel economy. Many manufacturers are addressing fuel efficiency via small electric vehicles but one of the most significant segments, the full size pick-up truck market, has been virtually ignored.

U.S. Automakers will sell 1 Million Electric Vehicles and PHEVs (plug-in hybrid electric vehicles) by the year 2012, according to forecasts by Pike Research. Electric Motors Corporation will be among the first to meet that demand. The EMC Flash will make its debut in April at the New York International Auto Show. The EMC Thunderbolt, a “rough and tumble” electric truck will follow close behind. “EMC will begin to manufacture its first round of 350 electric trucks this summer. If we are going to reduce dependence on foreign oil this segment will certainly be one that helps deliver the best bang for the buck. EMC is not only addressing substantial improvements in full size pickup fuel economy but doing so without compromising performance.” He added,” We want to bring this product to market as quickly and responsibly as possible.”

In his years at General Motors, Jenkins doubled commercial sales with objective-based dealer marketing programs and targeted incentives. He accomplished this while significantly increasing new customer incremental sales and reducing incentive cost. He managed accounts with the company’s largest fleet customers and established customer service and training programs. He was the driving force behind strategic partnerships with Fortune 500 companies including Best Buy, Lowe’s and Chase. Jenkins’s sales and marketing strategies have earned him numerous industry awards like the EX Award from “Event Marketing Magazine”.

“Jenkins will become the nucleus of EMC,” says Interim CEO Ralph King. “His demonstrated leadership and contributions in GM’s commercial marketing efforts and experience in successful product launch strategies will be an invaluable asset to EMC as we take our trucks to market.” King replaced former CEO Wil Cashen in leadership of the company last month. King says he has been searching for candidates who can enhance the credibility and integrity of Electric Motors Corporation. “Jenkins’s leadership skills are above all others. He will position EMC at the forefront of electric light and medium duty truck manufacturing and marketing.”

Currently the full size pick-up market is valued at nearly $34.5 billion with forecasted growth of $24.2 billion, totaling $58.7 billion in sales by 2014. Jenkins is developing sales, service, and distribution plans for the company and will be hiring experienced professionals who can help launch his strategies. “Electric Motors Corporation has a very promising future,” he says, “and I’m looking forward to being a part of it.”

“Our Company is aggressively moving forward on our primary objectives of building industry best light and medium duty electric drive trucks and putting people in Northern Indiana back to work,” added King.

Source: Electric Motors Corp.

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