Dodge Motorsports Notes & Quotes – Race Final – Phoenix 1

By Auto News Log • April 10th, 2010

AVONDALE, Ariz. – BRAD KESELOWSKI (No. 12 Discount Tire Dodge Charger) Finished 3rd

“There was action everywhere. This was an awesome show. This is cool. I had a lot of fun. I had a shot at winning the race. I kind of had Kyle (Busch) upset in the car it looked like and he started making mistakes on restarts and was able to take advantage of that. Our Discount Tire Dodge was awesome. We just couldn’t hold on to the speed on long runs, otherwise I felt like we could have won tonight. We’ll keep digging and keep getting faster. We’re happy about taking over the championship lead. Those last five or six laps are what it’s all about. It’s about a little beating and banging and nobody wrecked each. We just all had some fun and rubbed each other a little bit. That’s good racing.

“Everything went pretty well tonight. We did what we needed to do. Led laps. We were fast. We just needed a little more long-run speed. We just fell off too much. That’ something to work on; we’ll keep doing that and keep having successful runs like this. I’m really proud of my team, to have the point lead with a brand new team six races in the year. That’s pretty cool. That’s really special. I feel good about it. That’s like a win in its own.

TALK ABOUT THE RESTART ON LAP 137? “Is that the first one?” AND THE SECOND ONE WHEN HE GOT THE BLACK FLAG? “The first one, and I use the precedent that was set at Texas last year, when you get to the first line, you have to maintain your speed and then once you get to the second line, it’s free game. We got to the first line side-by-side and when we got to that zone, the restart zone, I don’t know how long it was this weekend, I maintained my speed and he did not. So, when I got to the second line, I just went because that’s the rule and the interpretation I have of it. When we got to the next restart, they gave me the lead. We were coming to the first line and Kyle went. I have that whole zone to go, that’s my right. He went before that zone. That’s my interpretation of the rules and apparently it was correct. It would probably be a better question for NASCAR. In my opinion, they enforced it to what they say in the driver’s meeting.”

HOW DOES IT FEEL TO LEAD THE POINTS WITH A TEAM THAT BASICALLY STARTED FROM SCRATCH THIS SEASON? “It makes me feel good. This move over during the off season was one of the toughest moves I think you could ever make in professional sports. I had a shot down the line to follow in the footsteps of guys that are winning a lot of championships and races on the Hendrick side, but chose a different path. To be able to take a brand new program, the Nationwide team that we have here with Discount Tire and Paul Wolfe and to run up front and take the point lead, to sit on poles, is justification for all those decisions that I stressed over. I made the right one. We still have a lot of work to do on the Cup side. We know that. We’re working. It’s not going to happen overnight. The Nationwide side was my rock when I came to Penske Racing. It was what I had to lean on as a benchmark to know where I’m at, to know that I’ve progressed from where I was last year. It makes me feel good, and makes me feel like I made the right moves and have a bright future at Penske Racing.”.

JUSTIN ALLGAIER (No. 12 Verizon Wireless Dodge Charger) Finished 13th
“The Verizon Wireless Dodge was good. We struggled a bit early. Sticker tires seemed to be our weakness. Unfortunately, our range of what the car was doing went from one end of the spectrum to the other. We worked on it all night. The crew did an awesome job in the pits all day. They picked us up spots every time that we came in to pit. That’s the name of the game. We got the car pretty decent and moved our way into the top-five, but just got caught up in a tough deal there on the last caution. We were just minding our own business and I think somebody was trying to play a little strategy at the end of the race by taking two tires and just swung his car out of the pits and destroyed our night. It’s frustrating to know that when you plug away like we did tonight, run in the top five and have a good result taken away from you is tough to swallow.”

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