Dodge Challenger scores big in new Consumer Reports survey

By Auto News Log • December 9th, 2009

In a big win for Chrysler, Consumer Reports has just published its newest customer appreciation survey, in which over 380,000 people participated. In it, they were asked, in hindsight, if they would’ve bought the same car they did in the last year.

The champ was the Dodge Challenger, with over 92% of its customers saying that they would gladly buy the car once more. Perennial favorite the Toyota Prius has recorded a fall in popularity, and ranked in at number five, behind runners up Ford Fusion, Chevrolet Corvette and Porsche 911.

Chrysler also has the “privilege” of being responsible for the least popular car, the four-cylinder Chrysler Sebring. Detroit rival GM also has the “honor” of selling seven of the bottom ten least popular cars, while the Pentastar has the remaining three.

Source: Consumer Reports


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