Classic Spotlight – 1952 Triumph TR2

By Auto News Log • December 21st, 2009

1952 Triumph TR2

A classic, British sports car, the TR2 was the first model in the long and storied TR line. Powered by a solid Standard-Vanguard twin-carb, 2-liter engine, the TR was rakish, with a flowing wing line and cut-away doors. Performance was lively by the standards of the early fifties. About 8,500 TR2s were produced with the vast majority sent to the USA where they started the American love affair with the Triumph. The quality of the design and construction of the TR2 is borne out by the number that are still touring the streets today.

Engine: Front-mounted 4
Capacity: 1991 cc
Output: 90 bhp @ 4800 rpm
Top Speed: 105 mph
0-60: 12 seconds


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