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Stephen Cox: Indy 500 Success Built on Thin Ice

The 97th running of the Indianapolis 500 was widely lauded as a tremendously entertaining event. The grandstands were nearly full, every fourth lap or so produced a new leader, and Tony Kanaan became the most popular winner in years. So I’m sitting high in Turn 3 with my two sons, enjoying the cool refreshment of […]

Stephen Cox: Short Track – Five Minutes with Hoosier Hundred Promoter Bob Sargent

The 60th running of the most prestigious dirt track race in the world is slated for Thursday, May 23rd at the Indiana State Fairgrounds where the USAC Silver Crown cars will compete in the 2013 Hoosier Hundred. Yup, I am openly promoting this race and nope, they don’t pay me. I grew up attending the […]

Stephen Cox: Motoring – The Driverless Car is a Stupid Idea and I Hate It and You Should, Too

California has passed a new law allowing “autonomous cars” on the roadways and Audi says it can have an automated car ready for sale by 2015. Look no further, folks. It has begun. Leprosy, smallpox, malaria… and now the driverless car. Let me be abundantly clear about why I don’t like the idea of a […]

Stephen Cox: Muscle Car Q&A – 1970-71 Ford Torino

Okay, here’s a list of questions that have come in by email (Stephen at and Twitter (@SopwithTV) since our last televised Mecum Auction. As most of our viewers know, I’m a big Ford Torino fan and have been fortunate to own a few. But please don’t call me an “expert.” I’m an enthusiast just […]

Stephen Cox: Jeremy Clements – Another Witch Hunt Gone Bad

I wanted to let the dust settle on this story and see public reaction before writing on it. And after doing so, I’ve come to a startling conclusion: America isn’t following the script anymore. Instead, Clements became an overnight sensation thanks to the blundering, heavy-handed way in which his statement was mishandled. The story goes […]

Stephen Cox: A Great Amercian Racing Story – Get Ready to Cheer for the Underdog

On a cloudy Saturday morning in the late summer of 1966, Charlie Wright and five of his friends left Wichita with a new Shelby Mustang SCCA Group 2 racer loaded onto the back of their open trailer. They had no gas cans, no plan, no experience and little idea what they were doing. Their destination […]

Stephen Cox: Shelby’s Last Stand – The Forgotten Mustang Group 2 Racer

My new book on the 1966 Mustang Group 2 notchback is now available online in its entirety at It is brief, readable, and loaded with previously unpublished original photos. Here is a short excerpt to get you started: On a hot summer afternoon in late August 1966, the telephone on John McComb’s desk rang. […]

Aston Martin Celebrates Its First 100 Years

Gaydon – 2013 sees Aston Martin celebrate its centenary with a year-long calendar of exceptional events. The globally-renowned British luxury sports car maker will mark its first 100 years with a series of UK and international celebrations highlighting the unique success of the brand worldwide. Boasting the best product line-up in its 99 years to […]

Stephen Cox: Muscle Cars – You Only Live Twice

You only live twice, or so it seems. Once for yourself and once for your dreams. Say goodbye to the second great wave of American muscle cars. In a tsunami of stupid rarely matched even in the brain-dead world of politicians, The Almighty State hath decreed that new car fleets must average an insane 54.5 […]

Stephen Cox: Short Track – A Get-Well Card to Don Satterfield

It was Saturday morning, September 8, 2001. I’d never driven at Chemung Speedrome before, but I would compete on it that night in the Hooters ProCup Naturally Fresh Dressings 250. I was driving for Don Satterfield, a big bear of a man with decades of experience in the sport. He had a big smile, a […]