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Stephen Cox: Road Racing – The Ugly Pumpkin Must Die

“Turn the air conditioner off.” “Huh?” “The air conditioner,” Jim repeated. “Turn it off.” Yeah. Whatever. I know what I’m doing and I won’t forget. I’m more concerned with the fact that my street-legal Roush 360R race car has a quarter tank of fuel remaining. But I’m told not to worry. We won’t run out. […]

Stephen Cox: Motoring – The Case for Radar Detectors

I’m a firm believer that every motorist should have a radar detector and know how to use it effectively. Every now and then I am asked, “Why should it be legal to own a radar detector, when its only purpose is to help you break the law?” In reality, assisting someone with a regulatory violation […]

Stephen Cox: PURE EVEL – Third Grade, Lemon Sharks, and an Authentic Motorsports Hero

Where have all the good men gone and where are all the gods? Where’s the street-wise Hercules to fight the rising odds? So I’m sitting in a Bob Evans restaurant in northern Virginia hoping for a decent breakfast before going to the track for the Super Cup race I was competing in that night. I’d […]

Stephen Cox: America’s Lost Hobby & the Salvation of Our Youth

I have figured out what is wrong with America’s youth. They don’t race slot cars anymore. In addition to being overly tattooed, body pierced and not pulling their pants up, most of them couldn’t define “HO scale” if you held a gun to their iPad. Racing HO scale Aurora AFX slot cars with the greatest […]

Stephen Cox: Collector Cars – Mecum Dallas and Lessons from 1980

The Mecum muscle car auction in Dallas last weekend offered perhaps the best parade of Ford Mustangs in recent memory; certainly the finest I’ve seen at an auction in the last two years. There were several special treats, including a seldom seen 390-powered Mustang from 1968. I consider the 390 Mustang a rare gem because […]

Stephen Cox: Short Track – How Two Random Fans Saved My Race

Last weekend’s ARCA Truck Series 100 in Xenia, Ohio turned out to be one of the most utterly bizarre experiences I’ve had in two decades of motorsports. The owner of ED CO Racing, Ed Yoak, offered me a single-race deal to drive his truck at Kil-Kare Speedway. I’d never met Ed before, but he […]

Stephen Cox: IndyCar – Random Thoughts While Watching the Grand Prix of Sonoma

Sunday’s Indycar race at Sonoma was enjoyable to watch and the series is still making forward strides. It was nice to see Rubens Barrichello get a top five finish (you’re not in Kansas anymore, Rubens). It’s good to have the series revisiting some legendary venues. The battle between Sebastian Bourdais and Joseph Newgarden was fantastic. […]

Stephen Cox: Collector Cars – Yesterday’s Loss is Today’s Gain – Report from the 2012 Mecum Monterey Sale

I’d like you to conduct an experiment. Go to your local racetrack this weekend. Makes no difference if it’s a drag strip, oval or road course, big or small. Just go. Look around, estimate the average age of the fans and let me know what you find. Did you see a lot of kids there? […]

Stephen Cox: Motoring – Why Kids Don’t Care About Cars Anymore

A car was more than transportation when I was a kid. Your car represented who you were. Everyone knew what a car meant… freedom! The liberty to go where you want, to be with your friends and to get into mischief. An automobile was true, genuine freedom and every one of us wanted it. Not […]

Stephen Cox: Collector Cars – Live from Mecum Des Moines

Okay, I’m sitting in my hotel room after the auction jamming to Heart (“Crazy on You”) and it occurs to me how much I love the Mecum Auto Auction held in Des Moines. Every year we wonder if the Des Moines show will be axed from the network lineup because it generally features low end […]