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Stephen Cox: Indy’s New Road Race – A Band-Aid for a Broken Arm

The Stephen Cox Blog presented by McGunegill Engine Performance: Indy’s New Road Race: A Band-Aid for a Broken Arm I love the idea of adding a road race for Indycars at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. What worries me are the reasons for doing it. In this afternoon’s press conference at IMS introducing the new Grand […]

Stephen Cox: Short Track – Five Minutes with National Short Track Championship Promoter Gregg McKarns

The Stephen Cox Blog presented by McGunegill Engine Performance: Short Track – Five Minutes with National Short Track Championship Promoter Gregg McKarns For 48 years, race fans have sojourned to Rockford Speedway in northern Illinois to watch the finest short track stock car drivers in the world compete for the national title. Rockford is the […]

Stephen Cox: Movie Review – The Getaway… Run While You Can

Dollars are hard to come by these days for pretty much everyone. Perhaps I can save a few of yours by preventing a disaster of epic proportions. Do not under any circumstances go see the new film, “The Getaway,” in theaters now. Car guys, I urge you to fight your instincts. Forget the tantalizing prospect […]

Stephen Cox: Racing Wisdom – Five Pieces of Advice That I’ve Never Forgotten

Number Five – “Wanna win? You need a trailer like that.” So said a racing friend in the summer of 1986 at Bloomington Speedway. We were walking past a huge semi tractor-trailer loaded with two spare chassis, half a dozen engines and a crew of ten mechanics. It belonged to some teenager named Jeff Gordon […]

Stephen Cox: 10 Great Race Tracks You’ve Never Seen – Part 2 The Milwaukee Mile

Okay, I’m bending the rules on this one. Most of you have seen the Milwaukee Mile on TV, even if you haven’t been there in person. But The Mile deserves a spot on this list because there’s just something special about driving on a racetrack that has hosted every great American driver in history. The […]

Stephen Cox: Vintage Racing – Driving a 1969 Chevrolet Corvette

Have you ever wondered what it was like to drive a production-based sportscar in the golden era of American road racing? Me too. And now I know. “I don’t want to retire and sit around a golf course,” Rick Baldick said to me, leaning over the balcony and looking down at his team’s car screaming […]

Stephen Cox: Motoring – The Man Who Destroyed Muscle Cars

“In our midst are people who think that if only they had government power on their side, they could pick tomorrow’s winners and losers in the marketplace, set prices or rents where they ought to be, decide which forms of energy should power our homes and cars, and choose which industries should survive and which […]

Stephen Cox: Short Track – A. J. Foyt, Off Road Racing and the Armagosa Toad

If I had to choose between sitting through a driver’s meeting or having my tonsils removed with a shovel, I’d have to think about it. Yet here I was at the driver’s meeting the night before the Silver State 300 off-road race in Alamo, Nevada. It was a little after 7 o’clock on Friday night, […]

Stephen Cox: Indy 500 Success Built on Thin Ice

The 97th running of the Indianapolis 500 was widely lauded as a tremendously entertaining event. The grandstands were nearly full, every fourth lap or so produced a new leader, and Tony Kanaan became the most popular winner in years. So I’m sitting high in Turn 3 with my two sons, enjoying the cool refreshment of […]

Stephen Cox: Short Track – Five Minutes with Hoosier Hundred Promoter Bob Sargent

The 60th running of the most prestigious dirt track race in the world is slated for Thursday, May 23rd at the Indiana State Fairgrounds where the USAC Silver Crown cars will compete in the 2013 Hoosier Hundred. Yup, I am openly promoting this race and nope, they don’t pay me. I grew up attending the […]