Car Care & Tips – Proper Tire Care

By Auto News Log • August 9th, 2010

Proper Tire Care

Clean your tires when you wash the car! Many people put layer upon layer of dressings on their tires but never clean them. The result is a “browning” or “yellowing” discoloration. To clean your tires, use a cleaner formulated for tires. Car wash shampoos are too gentle to penetrate into the tire’s pores and lift out imbedded grime. Bleaches are used in many tire cleaners to whiten whitewalls but they turn tires a dull gray and can stain alloy wheels.

After you’ve cleaned your tires you may desire to apply a dressing to accent their appearance. The car care industry provides you with two groups of dressings to choose from:

1. The oldest and most familiar group are the oil-based silicone emulsions. These dressings produce the highest gloss but stay slightly “greasy” on the tire’s surface.

2. A newer group of dressings are water-based. These dressings produce a more satin or natural finish but dry completely to minimize dust attraction. Many water-based dressings also contain a UV screen which aids the tire’s own UV absorbers.


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