Car Care & Tips – Proper Polishing Tips

By Auto News Log • August 9th, 2010

Polishing Tips

Once you’ve selected the correct polish here are some tips to make polishing easier:

1. Work on one area at a time covering 2 to 4 square feet. Buff off residues as you go. This allows you to discover any problems early before polishing the entire car.

2. Work on a dry finish. Polishes usually don’t mix well with water. Water droplets left on the surface can cause streaking or make the polish difficult to remove.

3. If working by hand, apply polish with a cotton terry cloth or terry applicator pad. If the applicator becomes caked with polish, switch to a fresh applicator, (You may also be applying too much polish.)

4. Work in a shaded area out of direct sunlight.

5. If polishing residues don’t buff off easily, switch to a clean wipe towel.

6. Apply polishes in a back-and-forth, not circular motion. Polishes should take out swirls, not create them. If you are creating swirls, you are using a polish that’s too abrasive or have grit on your applicator or wipe towel.

After polishing, the surface should be squeaky clean, smooth, and free of streaks and swirls. Follow with a premium wax to protect and enhance the paint’s natural shine.


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