Camaro Sets Pace For The U.S. Sports Car Segment

By Auto News Log • March 5th, 2010

Chevrolet Camaro extended its lead in the U.S. sports car segment in February, posting 6,482 total sales. This is a 21 percent increase over January results, and marks the ninth consecutive month that Camaro total sales outpaced sports car models including the Ford Mustang, Nissan 370Z, and Dodge Challenger.

Consumers have bought nearly 75,000 Camaros since it was launched in early 2009, and demand continues to hold steady even in winter months.

“Traditionally, we expect to see a dip in sales for rear-wheel-drive performance cars over the winter,” says John Fitzpatrick, Chevrolet Performance Cars marketing manager. “But, demand for Camaro shows no sign of slowing down, particularly in the Sun Belt”
Texas, California and Florida account for about 25 percent of all Camaro retail sales, and six of the top 10 U.S. dealers for Camaro sales are located in Texas.

Importantly, Camaro continues to attract new customers to Chevrolet. Of Camaro buyers who traded-in a vehicle at the time of purchase, about half traded-in a non-GM vehicle.

“We’re beginning to see owners of performance cars like Mustang and 350Z trading in their cars in to get behind the wheel of a Camaro,” says Fitzpatrick. “To me, that’s an incredible testament of the appeal, and performance, of Camaro.”

The Oshawa Assembly Plant has been running Saturday overtime since June 2009 to keep up with demand for Camaro. According to recently released data, Camaro led the segment in consumer retail registrations for 2009 calendar year.

Source: Chevrolet

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