Bugatti brings one special and two unique models to the Dubai Motor Show

By Auto News Log • December 17th, 2009

Bugatti definitely knows where its faithful clientèle is, and has brought three big surprises at the Dubai Motor Show which is taking place these days in the Arabian emirate. Exclusive to the middle eastern market will be a special edition of the Veyron, and two unique models, based on the regular and the Grand Sport convertible edition.

The Bugatti Veyron “Nocturne” special edition will consist of just five cars, which will see their side windows galvanized, thus continuing the line of the polished aluminum upper body parts to the rear of the supercar, contrasting with the black side and door-panels, as well as the roof. The hood is made out of polished aluminum and the wheels have also received the polishing treatment. On the inside we will find a black nanocoated magnesium dashboard thus a center console covered in galvanized Platinum, just for that extra touch.

Two one-off models are also shown in Dubai, the Sang d’Argent Veyron and the Soleil de Nuit Veyron Grand Sport. The first has a silver theme, as the metallic paint matches the polished aluminum parts like the doors and front wings. It also has silver-finished wheels, borrowed from the Grand Sport convertible version.

Speaking of the Grand Sport, the Soleil de Nuit model will feature a horizontal split in the lower part of the car, which will be painted in a black blue metallic scheme, complete with mirror shine meshes. The upper body will be painted in a blue metallic one, which will also be used on the inner side of the rims, which were borrowed from the Sang Noir, and are diamond cut on the outside. The “burnt orange” interior will be seen by all when you drop the top down.

Prices will start from $2.4 million for the Nocturne while the Sang d’Argent costs $2.11 million and the Soleil de Nuit $2.25 mil.

Source: Autoblog


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