A Special Day In The History Of Ferrari

By Auto News Log • February 18th, 2010

Maranello 2010 – Today is a very special day in the history of Ferrari. On 18 February 1898 Enzo Ferrari was born, although official documents claim that it was the 20 February, the day of his birth’s registration. His son Piero Ferrari remembers that the family always celebrated his father’s birthday on the 18. The Ferrari Vice Chairman was asked by Ferrari.com what day his father would have had today, less than one month before the start of the new F1 season: “A birthday with lots of work with the passion and determination he always had and pressure on the whole team. He would have been in his office in Fiorano, following the laps on the track and discussing every single detail with the team. High pressure all day long. I remember when Scheckter won the title in 1979, while the new car wasn’t ready for the start of the Championship and we could only start after two races. We worked night and day without a break.”

What would he have thought about a Championship where the test sessions are concentrated in four weeks and obstructed by lots of rain?

“He would have been completely against it. That’s for sure. He not only had the technical but also the physical necessity to see the single-seater out on the track. From the moment of the car’s launch, followed by its first lap on the track in Fiorano, he wanted the car constantly to be tested. He would have never accepted such a situation. Let’s not forget that the Fiorano circuit was built for that and for the so-called shakedowns before every single race. He was always there and saw his single-seaters leaving.

Would he be happy with the two drivers we have for this season?

“I’m sure he would be happy with them. He would have liked in both of them more than anything else their qualities as drivers and then also their passion. Maybe he could have also replied to criticism that we don’t have drivers from our own country. In the end Felipe and Fernando do not only speak perfect Italian, but they also have quite similar characters.”

How does Piero Ferrari experience this start of the new season?

“I’m calm. We’ve made some excellent choices. Felipe has completely recovered and Fernando introduced himself very well into the team. As far as their technical value is concerned, I’m not the first discovering it: Felipe hasn’t been very lucky over the last years, but he has shown that he is a contender for the World Title, while Alonso has already won two titles. I think that the car is behaving very well, so I’m confident. It’s important that we’re talking about motorsport again and that this season’s confrontations will happen on the track and not in court, thanks to clear rules. This sport has to become again a challenge in terms of sport and technology and nothing else.

Are you curious about the new rules? And about the new teams?

“I haven’t though about it so far how it will be without refuelling, just with change of tyres. We’ll see how the strategies will change. I’m following the rule not to talk about the others. I just saw in the newspapers that some new teams might have problems and might not even participate in the Championship.

I completely agree with Luca di Montezemolo when he says that there should be the possibility to start a third car, which can be managed by smaller teams, or maybe even do it like we did in the 1970s, considering the stable rules, private teams often used cars from the bigger teams from the previous year. I really think that it’s absolutely possible thinking about introducing a third car, which could guarantee more suspense and lower costs.

Source: Ferrari

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