ALMS: A Golden Racing Engine For Robertson Racing

By Auto News Log • June 7th, 2010

Robertson Racing has announced its latest engine partner Elan Power to induce speed and performance from its American Le Mans Series Ford GT MK7.

Since 2008, Robertson Racing veterans David Robertson, Andera Robertson and David Murry have been piloting a Ford GT2 entry in one the most competitive and diverse class in the Series. With 14 top-ten finishes in 22 starts, the GT elite look to Elan Power to produce a more powerful engine.

“Since 2008, we have been servicing Robertson Racing’s sister car – a more production based car known as the track-day car,” revealed Chris Smith, Engine Program Manager for Elan Power. “While we were servicing this car, we discovered the cylinder head on this engine was far superior to the GTLM cylinder head being raced in the American Le Mans Series GT2 car.

“When we started to work on the engine, we decide to use much of the technology that we developed with our previous GT2 programs, with the addition of the Ford GT’s cylinder heads.”

With Robertson Racing understanding of the winningpotential behind Elan Power – having won at Sebring and Le Mans in 2006, the team decided to provide the lead developers of the program the freedom to build the engine that would produce a faster machine.

“Robertson Racing has some real craftsmen on its team,” applauded Chris. “The team told Elan Power that it would make the car fit the engine when typically in a project like this you make the engine fit the car. Having this ability to focus solely on the horsepower potential of the engine allows our team to be aggressive with the specifications.”

With testing laps down, the Robertson Racing drivers and Ford machine are ready for competition with de-brief sessions scheduled to follow each racing event throughout 2010 to analyze the mileage, power, precision and speed.

“We are excited to be working with a small and intimate group of engine builders,” commented H, Robertson Racing’s Team Manger. “Being able to closely collaborate with Elan’s engine designers will help us to meet our needs and be successful on the track.”

Source: American Le Mans Series


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